The courses detailed below are available for viewing or download FREE. Each course has an exam for each lesson. We would ask that those who use these studies also complete and submit the exam to the School for marking and the award of a certificate of achievement. Students should write their answers on paper and then go to the website menu and click on the EXAM FORM. Complete the details together with your answers then click SUBMIT to send your work to Emmaus for marking and return.

Each test will be given a mark out of 100. Any incorrectly answered questions will be pointed out by your tutor, for you to check.

We do not place a time limit on the studies, allowing students to proceed at their own pace. We do, however, strongly recommend keeping to a regular schedule for in this way continuity is ensured and the maximum benefit is attained.A printed copy of each course is available. Students can also complete the course from the printed copy and then submit their answers using the EXAM FORM on the website.

At present we are able to offer the following courses online, with more to follow. Click on the image to download the study materials.

Introductory Courses

Basic Christianity

Looking Deeper

Problems Christians Face

Introducing Christianity

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Order a paper copy of one of our courses, which will be FREE on the understanding that it will be completed and the exams returned to the School for marking, after which another FREE course, of the student’s choice will be sent. Students can now complete and submit the exams by using the EXAM FORM below.

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