Studying with Emmaus

Emmaus courses are not designed to provide an academic qualification, their main aim is to encourage the diligent study of the Word of God. This will lead to a deeper spiritual maturity and a better equipping of the student for wider service for the Lord.
Time Limit
The School places no actual time limit on the studies, allowing students to proceed at their own pace. We do, however, strongly recommend keeping to a regular schedule, for in this way the maximum benefit is attained.
Most examinations are based upon a multiple choice system. Included in the question papers are ‘WHAT DO YOU SAY?’ questions. These are not graded but are given in order that the students may express their personal views freely. A certificate is issued to students who achieve 60% or more for the course.
Ways to study
Courses may be studied in two ways: –

1. Individually – students study on their own and send their exam papers to the School for marking by Emmaus tutors.

2. In Groups – in Church, Home or Emmaus Centres under a competent leader responsible for marking and liaison with the School.

Cost of Courses

At the present time and for the foreseeable future, we are offering Emmaus Courses FREE OF CHARGE on the understanding that students will complete the lessons and return them to the school for marking, after which the next FREE course, of the student’s choice, will be sent.

Online Courses

We also offer FREE courses online. See ‘Courses’ for details.


We are continually looking to the Lord to direct and use the work of Emmaus for the spiritual blessing of many and for the glory of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Ordering Courses

Please use the Courses page.

Students with email facilities have the option of sending in their exam papers via our website. In the website Menu, click on the ‘EXAM FORM’, complete it and and click on SUBMIT to send your answers to Emmaus for marking and return by email. This method will mean a faster return of your marked exam and it will cut down on the cost of postage.

More about the School

The School issues ‘By the Way’, a quarterly Newsletter and Prayer Guide. If you would like to receive it by email or mail please let us know.